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Linguists and experts on Siberia are regularly conversant in the identify Ket, which designates a small ethnic workforce at the Yenisei and their language, broadly considered as a linguistic enigma in lots of respects. Ket is a critically endangered language with at the present time under 500 local audio system. including Yugh, Kott, Arin, Assan and Pumpokol, all of that are thoroughly extinct, it varieties the Yeniseic relatives of languages, which has no identified linguistic family. This "Grammar of Ket" constitutes the 1st e-book of its style in English and is dependent as follows: creation; The Kets and their Language; Phonology; Morphology; and, References. A moment quantity is deliberate on Ket Syntax, supported via a suite of unique texts with translations and annotations.

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We have to leave open, whether this discrepancy is due to language change/attrition (which would require a more involved description of the "earlier" system, where independent tone would have been possible in derived disyllables), or to any kind of observational or descriptional inaccuracy (which, in case of doubt, will most certainly be on the part of the author of these lines). With the second tone, I could at times (certainly not generally) observe that at least the glottal segment characteristic of it (¿ ) could surface in the second syllable of a disyllabic compound (as with the term for 49 which perceptively resemble patterns of accentuation, rather than syllabic tones (cf.

In these cases, following determiners are described in this 46 "P" stands for "position", and denotes one of the numbered morphological "slots" of the Ket verb, cf. 2 47 The status of this element as a lexical element vs. a purely morphological marker is disputed (cf. 2); though we treat it as mostly lexical in nature (it cannot be "switched on or off" by purely morphological processes; it may, though, as Vajda thinks, have a function describable in morphological terms), we chose this notation in order to reflect its somewhat unclear status.

64 These vowels will be written in all examples from Central and Northern Ket; this means that any disyllabic root preceded by a tone mark will be mechanically identifiable as a nonSouthern Ket example (in this grammar, however, these dialects will almost in any case be represented by Central Ket from Baklanikha). The equals-sign (<=>) operates leftward. k. o. )" "at daytime" "to take" "pike" "to climb, ascend" "to dig" "skin of reindeer's legs" "rivers" "reindeer" 55 sìj sìd sùj sùl sùs tàŸ tàd tès tìd tìk tòk tòq tòs tùl t'°k ùs ùt '°k —°n —°d —°s sìj(e) sìd/sìde sùje sùl(™) sùs tà~e tàde -tìde tìke tòke -tòse tùl™ t™`k™ ùs(e) ùte ™`ke ⁄`ne ⁄`de, ⁄`d™ ⁄`se sìje sìdi sùji sùli sùsi = tàde tèsi tìdi = = tòq™ = tùli = = ùti = = ⁄`di = "to eat" "strap" "to swim" "cradle hook" "slow" "to drag" "to beat" "felt-boot" "root" "snake" "axes" "a k.

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