New PDF release: A grammar of Nandi

By Chet A. Creider, Jane Tapsubei Creider

ISBN-10: 3871189448

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A. The bigger keys end at Key West. b. Key West is the westernmost of the bigger keys. (renamer) 2. a. The road to Key West is a series of bridges. b. The bridges span from key to key. (-ing expression) 3. a. The bridges were built on a previously existing causeway. b. The causeway is the remains of an abandoned railway line. indd 27 8/29/11 10:41 AM Lesson 1 frag 28 Unit One: Understanding the Basic Sentence 4. a. Building the railway line was a huge task. There are many hurricanes that strike the keys.

2. Henry picked up the phone and called for a taxi. Obviously, both sentences mean the same thing. However, the first version is a compound sentence. The second version is not a compound sentence because called for a taxi is not an independent clause — ​it has no subject. No­ tice also the difference in punctuation. Version 1 has a comma before the coordinating conjunction and; version 2 has no comma. indd 14 8/29/11 10:41 AM Grammar without Tears 15 dent clauses. The and in version 2 does not join two independent clauses, so putting a comma after it would be grammatically incorrect.

Now ask: Can BOTH parts stand alone as complete sentences? If so, then the sentence might be a run-on. Lesson 2 run-on Here is the Imaginary Period Tip applied to the fused sentence and the comma splice from the beginning of the lesson: Example 1: 7 I have a test on Thursday it should not be difficult. IDEA #1 IDEA #2 Tip applied: I have a test on Thursday. It should not be difficult. A period added between the separate ideas creates two sentences. Example 2: 7 The student-government election is this week, I have no idea who is running.

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