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On the left sidebar of this help file, you can find every single setting/config for your downloaded theme. Take a look at SectionsTemplate Settings and General Settings

Sections: Will included settings for every single homepage section

Template settings: Will included settings for each individual page

General settings: Will included settings for whole site globally (like Fonts, Colors…)

Other templates: Will included settings for some other special templates such as: About us page, Contact us page…

Demo contents: This will help you how to build your theme exactly look alike our current live demo

FAQs: We will always update some frequently asked questions here


We assume you have basic knowledge of using Shopify. In this doc you will not learn how to code but you will learn how to setup, use and customize the theme. Before you begin make sure you have a zipped file of our latest theme version

If you dont know how to import a shopify theme to your store, you can follow step by step instruction from Shopify help center

There are 16 unique sections which can be add/remove on your homepage and 14 other static sections which allow you to configure your theme.

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