Banners Builder

Our theme has very powerful banner builder, you can build any kind of banner to fit your needs


Large banner: Enable this to make your banner wider than inside normal container

Full-width banner: If this checkbox is checked, your banner width will be 100% of the screen. This option will override the large banner option

Scrolling effect: A special entrance effect for your section when users scrolled down to this section.



Understanding banner builder:

We’ve built a very flexible builder for you to create your own banner design.

The content of this section consists of columns and images. Each column have its own width using Bootstrap 4 responsive method. Create as much columns as you want and add images to those columns. Furthermore, each column can has maximum 2 images within.

Column width: Once you added a new column, you can set the width of whole column from 25% to 100% of the screen width

Banner 1/Banner 2: These settings has same options but for 2 different images in a column.

Banner height: Set height of your banner, If you want total height of 2 images has the same height with the second column like example above then you have to adjust image height individually. Some thing like:

  • First column: Set Banner 1 height = 200px, banner 2: height = 200 px.
  • The second column: Has only 1 Image (Banner 1) and set Banner 1 height to 400 px

Some other basic settings: Caption, caption size, Sub-caption, text align… are very familiar, you can try it your self

Hover effect: Our banner builder included premium pack of hover effect which can’t be find any where else, there are 20+ hover effects for you to choose


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