Collection tab

This section will let you shows your collections in tab styles, more products to show but less space needed


With basic settings but very effective, you can easily find out how to work with this section.

Heading: Set your section heading, leave it bank if you do not need

Subheading: Set your section subheading, leave it blank if you do not need

Heading align: Your heading/subheading text align (left/right/center)

Extra space between row: If your section has more than 1 row, this is the space between rows

Number of rows: Number of rows item will be displayed, this will take effect to all other tabs

Number of products per row on desktop (columns):  Number of products per row on desktop, as in example its 4 columns. Other  smaller devices has its own responsive breakpoints

Note: The number of products will be displayed per tab is equal to ROWs*COLUMNs



To add more tabs to your section, simply add more content block

Block settings:

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