The header section is the top-most navigation bar of your site, normally it will contains your main menu, store logo, search and cart buttons

General settings

Main menu: Your main navigation menu

Color scheme: currently we have dark and light scheme. if your slideshow’s background has light color then you’d better choose dark color scheme

Header style: Currently we have 4 predefined header style as follow:

Transparent header: This option will make header overlaid to your theme’s section (such as slideshow)

Enable sticky menu: Your main menu still visible when scroll down


Store’s logo

Logo: Your store logo

Logo  for light color scheme: Your logo in light color, this alternative logo will be use if your color scheme set to light

Set logo width (in pixels): If you want a bigger or smaller logo, set the width to your desired number, default is 105px


Announcement bar

Show announcement: If this checkbox is checked then your store’s announcement will show on top header

Announcement text: The text that you wish to display. Basic HTML is accepted. If you want to highlight your announcement like above, put your highlight text inside the <span></span> HTML tag. Example:



Additional block content


Unlike a normal drop down menu, Megamenu is a wider menu which has special layout like the example below

To be able to create this megamenu, you will need a 3 levels menu created first in your website’s navigation settings. See the example below:

Once your drop-down menu is ready. Go to the Storefront editor and choose header section

Click on [+] Add content > Megamenu

You can see the settings. below:

NOTE: By default, the menu won’t separate each column by it self, you will need to create a column break menu item to shows when we change to another column. the column break is a menu item which has name exactly: [column-break]

See our Shop megamenu for better understanding



This block content will let users add colorful label besides your menu items, could be highlight purpose. The settings of this block is quite simple, same with megamenu settings

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