Parallax with text overlay

This section will display a nice full-width image with text overlay. You can also try out the “Eyes catching” Parallax mode. You might discover some interesting experience when using this section


Background image: Select your background image. 2000x2000px .jpg recommended

Use Parallax background: if this check box is checked, your background image will be in parallax mode

Contain background size: The background will show full image instead of most part of the image. If this checkbox is selected, your background image might not fit the whole container

Background color: Background color will be used if there is no background image

Section height: Set height for your section

Image alignment: Set image alignment if option Contain background size is not checked

Text align: Set text alignment


Content width: The actual width for text container

Heading: Heading text and some other basic settings for your text


Feel free to move your text content inside the section by change the Vertical/Horizontal position



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