Slideshow Builder

Antive theme comes with very powerful slideshow builder, which can assist you to build your own style slider. Once click on add new section from your homepage, you can find it here:



Section height: Set height of the section

  • Small: 475px
  • Medium: 650px
  • Large: 775px
  • Fullscreen: 100% screen height & width

Section width: Your slideshow width will be 100% of the screen if you choose full width mode, or else the slideshow will inside a container.


Slide transition effect: There are 5 styles of slide transition effects. Slide, Fade, Flip, 3D Cubes and Coverflow


 Infinite sliders looping:  If this checkbox is checked, then your slide can swipe infinitively  (when last slider is reached, it will automatically roll back to first slide)
 Show navigation arrows (left/right): Show/Hide the Navigation arrows
 Show pagination dots: Show/Hide the pagination dots
 Pagination dots style: Switch between pagination dots display style once these dots are shown


Slide direction: The direction your slider moves, Vertically or Horizontally

Auto-rotate slides: Automatically change to next slide after predefined seconds

Default 10s

Block content

Each image slide is a single section block, you can create as much slide as you want in just a single click.

Other text settings:

You can add up to 2 lines of text, normally could be a title text and a description and up to 2 link buttons within one image slide.



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