This template’s header settings has the same basic settings as other templates, which included:

  • Background Image: the header background image
  • Enable/disable header parallax
  • Image alignment
  • Background color: Background color will be used if there is no background image
  • Set header height


Select displaying style: There are 3 different display style which are: Grid, List 01 and List 02, feel free to change the display style to fit your needs


These options will only applied to grid layout settings

Articles per row: Number of article will be displayed per row

Rows per page: Number of rows will be displayed per page.

The limit number of articles per page on grid layout will be equal to: Articles per row x Rows per page

The limit number of articles per page on list layout will be equal to: Rows per page


Add more sidebar content by click on [+] Add content button

Layout: Select your desired sidebar layout (no sidebar, left sidebar or right sidebar)

The sidebar widget contents are included:

  • Search widget
  • Social media widget
  • Recent posts
  • Newsletter
  • Instagram widget
  • Tags filter

These widget has very basic settings, guess you can figure it out by your own.


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