Product page – General settings

This article will only shows some basic settings for Product template, other advanced settings will be discus later


Choose layout style for Product template, there are few different styles for you to choose


Settings for image gallery,

Gallery size:  Set the gallery size, the gallery insist of main image frame and the thumbnail images slide

Product’s gallery position: You can set the gallery position left or right

Thumbnail images position: Set the thumbnail images position to left/right/bottom of the main image frame


Show short description beside product image: Show hide the show short description beside product image

Description position: Set the position of the short description

Use zoom image: If selected, then the main image frame will be able to zoom in on mouse over

Show image gallery popup on click product image:  Show image gallery popup when click on main image frame


Show product’s tabs: Show/hide the description tabs below add to cart button,

Limit number of related categories: If your related categories is too long, use this field to limit it, Or else leave it blank

Show additional information tab: The additional information will summarize all of the product variants, uncheck this option to remove this tab

Show related products (Cross Sells): This will shows a slider with all products related this product’s collection on bottom of the template

Cross Sells title: Set the title of related products slider

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