1. Product Pin Mapper

Simply, go to Product Pin

Step 01:  Choose “Add New” to create pin for products.


Step 02: Add New Product Pin: Enter the title name for your Product pin.


Step 03: Library Images: You can get the images which you want to use from Media Library, Instagram Images or Facebook Images.

Step 4: Used Tab: The images which you choosen will show up in this tab.


Step 5: Delete button: Click here if you want to remove the image.


Step 6: Show used image box: Click here to “Don’t show used images” and let it empty if you want to “Show used images“.


Step 7: Instagram Images: This is IG images tab where you can choose the image product to use.

Step 8: Checkbox: Click on here to choose the image which you want to use.


Step 9: Facebook Images: Library Facebook Images where you can add Facebook ID to get image from Facebook to your site.








Step 10: Shortcode Options: You can setup the responsive options here.

Step 11: Custom Responsive: Click this checkbox to use custom responsive.

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