1. General Settings

Simply, Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Cueto Options > General Settings:


[1] Layout Type: You can choose background type dark or light for your site here. Default background is Dark.

[2] Slogan: Add the text of your Slogan here.

[3] Background body: Upload your background image for site here. If you don’t want to use, click “Remove“. You also can get the link of the background image.

[4] Upload/ Remove button: Click on this buttons to upload or remove your favicon.

[5] Logo: You can upload site’s logo here.  If you don’t want to use, click “Remove“. You also can get the link of the Logo image here.

[6]Favicon: Upload your custom favicon image. You also upload a 16x16px .png or .gif image here.

[7] Base Color: You can setting the Base color for all pages on the frontend here. Click on dropdown and choose color from default color to what color you want. Click on “Cancel” box if you don’t want to use that color.


[8] Enable Sticky Menu: By clicking On to enable the Sticky Menu, otherwise click Off.

[9] Enable Smooth Scroll: By clicking On to enable the Smooth Scroll, otherwise click Off.

[10] Load Custom CSS: By clicking On Header to select Custom CSS load on Header, otherwise click Via Ajax.

[11] & [12] Custom CSS/ JS: You can custom CSS/ JS of your site here.

[13] Save Changes: Click on “Save Changes” to save all your modifications on Cueto Options.


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