5. Blog Settings

Simply, you can setup the Blog in the backend here. Go to your Dashboards > Appearance > Cueto Options > Blog Settings:



1] Sidebar Position: Set the Sidebar Position of Blog here.

[2] Blog Layout Style: Select a layout for the blog.

[3] Continue reading: Choose a continue reading text for the blog here.

[4] Blog loop content: Click The Content button to show the blog content, or click The Excerpt button to show the excerpt on loop.

[5] The excerpt max chars length: You can setup the excerpt max chars length for blog layout style here.

[6] Blog Loop Metas: Setup the Blog Loop Metas here. You can choose Author, Comment, Tags, etc…


[7] Enable Author Bio On The Single Post: Click Enable button to show Author Bio On the Single Post, otherwise click Disable.

[8] Enable Single Post share links: Click Enable button to show Single Post share links, otherwise click Disable.

At last, click on “Save Changes“.

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