1. How to create a new post of Portfolios

1. Add New Portfolio

Simply, go to Portfolios > Add New.






[1] Image: You can select an image for your Cueto Portfolios post here.

[2] Image Size: Setup the size of image post here.

[3] Hover Effect: Setup the “Effect of Image” when hover on it here.



[4] Shortcode ID: You can insert the shortcode ID here.

[5] Extra Class Name: If you wish to style particular content element differently, add a class name to this field.

[6] CSS Animation: Select type of animation if you want this element to be animated when it enters into the browsers viewport. Note: Works only in modern browsers.

At last, don’t forget click “Publish” to publish the post which you create recently.

Click “View Portfolio” and in the frontend, your site will look like this picture below.


2. Portfolios Metaboxes Settings

Simply, go to Portfolios Metaboxes > Settings all sections of the post here.

[1] Color Overlay: You can ddd color overlay for image portfolio here.

[2] Portfolio Description: You can Add info for portfolio here.

[3] Button Text: Add text for button here.

[4] Featured Image: Add your featured image here. Then, if you want to edit or update image, please click on the image.


[5] Button URL: You can add the URL for button here.

[6] Project Date: You can Add date for Portfolio here.


[8] Layout Type and Menu Type: Choose background layout: dark or light for your site. You also can choose Menu color dark or light for your site.


[9] Custom Logo: Upload Custom Logo for Layout here.

[10] Body Image: Upload an image or enter a URL here.

[11] Hero Section Type: Select Hero Section Type here.

[12] Hero Section Background Image: Upload an image here to setup for Hero Section Background Image.


[13] Custom Title: Add custom title for hero section here. Let it empty if you want use title default.

[14] Custom Sub Title: You also can Add custom sub title for hero section here. Let it empty if you want use title default.

[15] Custom Background Color: You can Custom background color for title page here.

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