3. How to use the Cueto Project Shortcode

Simply, Login to your backend. On Homepage > Click Edit Page.



Step 01: Click on “Add Element”.


Step 02: Add Element > Cueto Category > Cueto Project.


Step 03: Click “Edit Cueto Project


Step 4: Cueto Project Settings > General

[1] Select Layout: You can select layout for your Cueto Project here.

[2] Select Category: Select the Category for your Cueto Project here.

[3] Limit posts: Setup the “Limit posts” of Portfolios display on Homepage here.


[4] Oder by: You can setup the Oder by:… here.

[5] Oder: You can choose the Oder here, example: ASC, DESC.

[6] Shortcode ID: You can insert the shortcode ID here.


[7] Extra Class Name: If you wish to style particular content element differently, add a class name to this field.

[8] CSS Animation: Select type of animation if you want this element to be animated when it enters into the browsers viewport. Note: Works only in modern browsers.

[9] Save Changes: Clicking on here to save all Cueto Project settings.

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