1. Header Layout

1. Header Settings

Step 01: Go to Theme Options > Header Settings and setting for your Header Layout.


[1] Header Background: Click on “Add Image” to choose an image for background of your Header.

[2] Header Background URL: You can get the Header Background URL here.

[3] Main Menu Sticky: By click On to enable the Main Sticky Menu, otherwise click Off.

Step 02: The theme includes 3 different Header Layout and it is easy to switch your header layout. Simply go to Theme Options > Header Settings > Header Layout > Dropdown icon (In the right) to select your Header Layout.


Header Layout 1

Header Layout 2

Header Layout 3

Step 03: You can setting all contents in the Header here.


[4] Phone Title: Add your Phone Title here.

[5] Header Phone Number: Add your Phone number on Header here.

[6] Keyword Search: You can add your Keyword Search here.

(1) Keyword: Add the name of the Keyword here.

(2) Key Link: You can get the Key link of the Keyword here.

(3) Remove: Click on this button if you want to remove the Keyword.

[7] Add New Key Button: Click on here to add new key for your Keyword search.


2. Vertical Settings

Step 01: Go to Theme Options > Vertical Settings and setting for your Vertical Menu.


[1] Enable Vertical Menu: Simply, by click On to enable the Vertical Menu, otherwise click Off.

[2] Vertical Menu Always Open: You can setting the Vertical menu will be always open with which page you want here.

[3] Vertical Menu Title: You can insert the Title of Vertical Menu  here.

[4] Vertical Menu Button show all text: Simply, insert the content which you want to show on Vertical Menu here.

[5] Vertical Menu Button close text: Simply, insert the content which you want to show when close the Vertical Menu here.

[6] The number of visible vertical menu items: You can setup the number of visible items on Vertical Menu here.

At last, click on “Save change” to save all the changes.

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