04. WooCommerce Settings

This option will help you edit your Shop Page Sidebar Layout, Sidebar Used For Shop, Products perpage and Product Attribute…
Go to Theme Options > WooCommerce > WooCommerce to change your WooCommerce Settings.


1. Enable Recent Product  – By clicking On to Enable Recent Product, otherwise click Off.

2.  Products Newness  You can setup the number of product newness for your site here.

3. Shop Page Sidebar Layout   You can select the Sidebar Layout of your Shop Page here. Right/ Left or No Sidebar.


4. Sidebar Used For Shop   You can select the Sidebar Used For Shop page here, you also can choose Widget Area, Widget Shop, Widget Product, etc..


5. Shop Default Layout   You can select the Default Layout For your Shop page,  Product category archive here.

6. Product Attribute   You can select the Product Attribute here. Example: Brand, Color, Details, Tivi_Details, etc..

6. Product Per Page   You can select the number of products on shop page here, click on dropdown on the right box to increase/ decrease the number of products which you want to display.

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