2. How to setup a Variable product?

You can do follow all this steps below to setup your variable product:

1. Product > All product > Choose a product > Edit >Product Data > choose Variable product.



2. Product data > Attributes > Custom product attribute > Choose Color/ Size > Click on “Add” button.



3. Click on “Color” attribute > Value(s) > Choose all colors which you want to display.


4. With Size attribute, you can do the same.


5. Don’t forget click choose “Used for variations” > “Save Attribute



6. In “Variations” tab > choose “Create variations from all attributes” > Go.



7. Wait a minute, and variable products will display like this image below:



8. To setup for each product, please click on it and do follow all steps below:


1. You can add the image variable product here.

2. Add the SKU for each product here.

3. Add the regular price here.

4. Add the sale price here.

5. Stock quantity of the product.

6. Weight of product

7. You can add the description for product here.

– Above is all steps to setup a variable product, if you still can not do it for yourself after read this article, please contact with my support team, we will help you.

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